Is Paid Content Promotion Worth It To Grow Your Medical Practice?

By Michael Deghati on Apr 20, 2018

How Paid Content Promotion Is Important To Grow Your Medical Practice?

In the modern age of internet marketing, making great content is only half critical. This is a difficult process itself because it needs to be written, edited, and quality tested. The second hardest part after this is getting your content looked at by your target audience. You could have spent days and weeks on this content but yet, the right prospects are not seeing it. The only solution, in this case, is paid social promotions.

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Accelerate Your Medical Practice Growth Using HubSpot Marketing Platform

By Michael Deghati on Apr 19, 2018


How HubSpot Unified Sales and Marketing Platform Can accelerate Your Medical Practice Growth?


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The Importance Of Inbound Marketing in Growing Your Plastic Surgery Practice

By Michael Deghati on Apr 13, 2018


What is the Importance Of Inbound Marketing in Growing Your Plastic Surgery Practice? 

Inbound marketing helps your plastic surgery practice gain a strong online presence and visibility among your clearly defined target audience, resulting in a much higher ROI than traditional marketing.

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How To Use Marketing Automation To Grow Your Plastic Surgery Practice

By Michael Deghati on Apr 11, 2018

What is marketing automation? and How To Use Marketing Automation To Grow Your Plastic Surgery Practice.

Marketing automation is kind of like going on a cruise. You want everything to be fun and joyful without any worries or stresses. Cruises are mapped out to give their guests this kind of pleasure. There is gorgeous scenery, tasty beverages, great entertainment, and a lot of exciting activities. You need to plan your buyer’s journey the exact same way when constructing your marketing automation strategy.

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Target The Right Audience On Facebook and Instagram

By Michael Deghati on Apr 9, 2018

Have you ever some found strange ads on Facebook or instagram which made you wonder why they are being shown to you?

Not only is this annoying to individual Facebook users, by businesses that are investing in these ads are throwing money away because their targeting strategy is clearly wrong. In many cases, they don’t even have a targeting strategy. How to Target The Right Audience On Facebook And Instagram For Your Plastic Surgery Practice? If you want to prevent yourself from doing this, then keep reading.

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How to Create a Plastic Surgery Inbound Marketing Campaign

By Michael Deghati on Apr 5, 2018



 During the spring and summer, people enjoy the warmer weather because it gives them an excuse to travel and be outside more. This means they will want to look their best when they show off more of themselves on the beach and in other public places. With all the options for beauty enhancement which currently exist on the market, you need to create a market campaign that effectively informs them on the best choice to make.

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16 Easy Strategies To Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

By Michael Deghati on Mar 20, 2018

These 16 easy strategies to increase your landing page conversion rate can boost your leads and open the path towards business success.

By now, you are already familiar that simply getting traffic to your website via content and social media as well as paid advertising is only one step of the process. To really make conversions, you have to have more optimized landing pages or master them in a way that entices the visitor to act and possibly make a purchase.

This implies crafting an efficient and emotionally engaging situation that demonstrates your product or service in the most favorable angle.

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Why Facebook Won’t Allow Us To Edit Our Facebook Links Anymore?

By Michael Deghati on Jul 19, 2017

The various ways to edit your Facebook links will be going away very soon. You, along with thousands of others want to know what's going on with Facebook and editing links. As of July 17, 2017, Facebook has stopped letting people edit their links they have posted to their Facebook Pages. That includes not being able to edit your Facebook link, any thumbnail images, the titles and descriptions to boot!

Adding to this nightmare, posting links to Facebook has become a real challenge. Supposedly, this is because Facebook is making many changes. If you have not noticed the changes, you will soon enough. Facebook's changes were supposed to launch in September 2017 but possibly not in some cases. If you posted or scheduled something to Facebook from a third-party tool, you have already discovered the changes.

Who Is Going To Be Affected?

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8 Simple Yet Powerful Online Marketing Tips

By Michael Deghati on May 20, 2015


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