12 Most Common Mistakes You Should Never Make On Twitter

Mar 30, 2018


Now that you have set up your Twitter account, it's time to start learning how to attract followers and stay away from making unnecessary mistakes. Here are the list of 12 Most Common Mistakes You Should Never Make On Twitter.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses to market and advertise their products and services. Businesses do not need more manpower or expensive advertising. Because Twitter allows you to tweet with only 140 characters you need to choose your words carefully.

Then you need to place some #hashtags into your tweets which are tags that group together tweets that have the same thoughts. Now that you are a registered user on Twitter, you can re-tweet, share, and follow many other sites which could lead to more followers.


 Why Don't I Have More Followers?

 You have followed various social media marketing strategies, have followed other businesses, and even niche influencers. You have tweeted, retweeted, and even posted some of your own with various hashtags.

 Unfortunately, when you look at your profile, your number of followers is dismally low in comparison to the others you are following You start questioning your strategies and wonder why celebrities with bad reputations have a higher volume of followers compared to you. You might start thinking that if you were to get a little crazy, you too can have a better following rate.

I wouldn't really go down that road but there might be some mistakes you have made on Twitter that have prevented you from receiving more followers. Let's look at mistakes that are often made on Twitter and how to avoid them.


 1- Tweeting In The Middle Of The Night:

 Tweeting and collecting followers to retweet can be greatly influenced by the time of day you are posting. You just don't post tweets in the middle of the night. The people you want to retweet your information are sound asleep!


 2- No Hashtags Or Too Many Hashtags:

If you have not added hashtags to your tweet or too many, you're making a big mistake. Hashtags create high visibility rates on Twitter. Research has shown that over 70% of hashtag users are posting with their mobile phones compared to the 30% that are posting on their computers. Although hashtags increase your popularity, placing more than two hashtags on a tweet is overkill and won't work.


  3- No Egg Profile Picture:

You are completely responsible for correcting your profile including your picture or your company's logo. No one is going to stay with someone who can't be bothered fixing their profile properly.


  4- Your Tweets Are Too Long:

 As Twitter has a limited the number of characters per tweet, it's important you think first. Tweets that are too long tend to cause others to ignore them. Your tweets should be short and to the point. Studies have shown that shorter tweets receive 17% more engagement from other users. A short tweet allows for open conversations and a larger audience for retweeting and commenting.

 5- Do Not Ask For Retweets: 

Generally, users on Twitter do not ask for retweets but for a business' brand, you should not hesitate to ask for retweets. This is an excellent opportunity that many businesses fail to realize. Reports have also shown that asking for retweets receive 12 or more times that of using the abbreviation RTs. Spelling out the word retweet is 23 times higher than the abbreviation RT. Also, keep in mind that constantly requesting retweets will be annoying to others and should only happen once in a while.


 6- Too Many Postings:

If you are posting way too much or way too often, followers are going to become annoyed and click on the unfollow button and you will lose everyone! In a Forbes article, they said the more you tweet the more followers will get behind you. Actually, that is totally untrue. Even though tweeting promotes visibility for a business, too many become irritating.


 7- Don't Just Following Everyone? 

If you are following just about everyone is not going to guarantee you will gain a large number of followers. Just like all other social media sites, you should have a targeted audience to improve your popularity and followers. You should take advantage of Twitter's sidebar for recommendations on who you should follow based on your given niche. You should follow those who will follow you based on the equivalence between their followers and the following numbers.


 8-Your Tweets Are Not Good Enough To Retweet: 

Keep in mind, quality and quantity will dictate how good a tweet is. An expert in social media campaigns, Avinash Kaushik, said that content is important to gain the applause from your audience. Your tweets must be short, catchy, and to the point. Your tweets must be something your targeted audience can relate to. If you create quality content, you will get more attention from users and get the retweets your page desperately needs.

 9- You Do Not Have Any Interaction With Your Followers:

Engaging with your followers is just as critical on Twitter as any other social media site. Getting people to follow you is not all based on your posts but how you communicate with followers through direct messages or replying back to people.

As mentions earlier on, Followerwonk is a free tool that was developed for Twitter users. This tool allows you to search for key terms that are pertinent to your niche's makeup and will let you view topics that have received the highest responses. This will improve your social standing and you could engage with followers using the same key terms. 

10- You Have Bad Links To Your Posts:

 If someone clicks on a link and it doesn't do anything or possibly leads to a virus, this is not good. You must check all your links before you post anything. If you have bad links, your followers will lose interest in your page. The last thing you need is to lose your followers when you need to gain followers.

But, before worrying about the number of followers you have, concentrate on the content you are posting. Your marketing efforts in social media should be creating and sharing content that provides excellent quality, credibility, and a targeted audience. This holds just as true as what you realize you need on your blog or on other social media sites.


11- Your Timing Is Way Off:

 As we all know, timing is everything. Users on Twitter are constantly tweeting from all over the world. As Twitter never sleeps, you must figure out how to increase your followers and monitor your targeted audience's time zones. You must also monitor your tweets including the time in between each tweet to avoid avalanching your followers!

12- You Haven't Posted Any Pictures:


Again, pictures attract people and are engaging. The same is true for social media marketing. Tweets that have images or videos have a better chance of being retweeted and without a doubt are more enticing. 

Now that you have discovered what you have been doing wrong, it's time to turn things around. It's either time to tweet more or tweet less. It's time to check out your profile and make changes. It's time to connect with your targeted audience.


In Conclusion:

 Twitter is a wonderful platform for businesses and brands. Before jumping in too deeply read through suggestions and follow the rules and regulations. If your following is low, look at what people are doing to get higher volumes of followers. Check out how they are forming their tweets, how often they are tweeting, and how they are communicating with others. Once you get the hang of it, you should start seeing higher numbers of followers and greater opportunities for your business.




Michael Deghati

Written by Michael Deghati

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